Compare Doctors - Search Results
Compare Doctors - Search Results

About Us

Introduction to Compare Drs video:

CompareDrs is a service aiming to inform patients about:

– The various services that can be provided by GP practices

– The services provided by the practice they use

– The services provided by other practices that they can choose to register with

– How to register with GPs and their rights

We hope that by encouraging enough patients to make active choices about which GP Practice they register with, we will help to inform GP Practices about how patients want their services provided, and to contribute towards ongoing improvement of the GP service. is a service provided by Healthwatch Sandwell CIC (click for more information).

The service is part of meeting one of the statutory functions of local Healthwatch, ‘Providing advice and information about access to local [health and] care services so choices can be made about local [health and] care services’