Compare Doctors - Search Results
Compare Doctors - Search Results


The following are definitions of all of the criteria used in the Results Table.


Opening Hours

The hours that consultations are available

Evening Opening

Is the surgery open on any day after 6.30pm?

Early Mornings

Is the surgery open on any day before 8.30am?

Weekend Opening

Is the surgery open anytime on Saturday or Sunday?

Online Appointments

Can patients book their own appointments online?

Booking Timescales

How soon can an appointment be booked e.g. today, tomorrow, not for 1 week. This information is provided as ‘number of days’.

NOTE: To calculate this information, the practice was visited on at least 2 occasions, with at least 10 days between visits. On each visit, 5 patients were asked ‘How soon was the earliest they could book appointments, in number of days?’ This was then averaged for that visit. The shortest time from both visits has been used. The aim is to visit every practice at least 3 times. In these cases, the average of the 2 shortest time will be used.

These visits are carried out as part of local Healthwatches’ right to Enter and View. See Healthwatch Sandwell’s website for more details.

Advance Bookings

Can an appointment be booked in advance at a time to suit the patient, and not just have to take the next available appointment.

Sit & Wait

Can patients just turn up without an appointment and wait to be seen?

Text Reminders

Are text reminders for appointments booked available?


Phone Advice

Are consultations available by telephone?

Skype Advice

Are consultations available by Skype?

Male Doctors

Can the patient choose to see a male Dr?

Female Doctors

Can the patient choose to see a female Dr?

Ltd Appt Length

Is the length of appointment fixed e.g. maximum of 10 minutes?

1 Issue Per Appt

Can more than 1 issue be discussed at an appointment?

Book Multiple Appts

Can multiple appointments be booked if there is a limit on time or number of issues per appointment? If appointment length is not fixed and more than 1 issue can be discussed, this is also recorded as being able to book multiple appointments.



Is there some parking available? This can include on road parking.

Disabled Parking

Is there disabled parking available?

Average Waiting Time

How late are people going into their appointments?

NOTE: Seeing Booking Timescales (above) for how this is calculated.

Interpretation Services

Are interpretation services available and which languages?

Picture of Surgery

A picture of the surgery.

Wheelchair Access

Is there wheelchair access, as defined by the practice.


Bloods Onsite

Are blood samples taken on the premises, or close and convenient enough to be done as part of the visit.

Specialist Services

Information about specialist services provided by the practice.


Repeat Prescription

Is there a repeat prescription agreement with a pharmacist?

Online Prescription

Can prescriptions be views online, and repeat prescriptions ordered?

Onsite Pharmacy

Is there an onsite pharmacy?

Online Test Results

Can test results be viewed online?

Online Patient Records

Can patients view their records online?